Holy Grail – Live at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD and The Champ in Lemoyne, PA


Photography by – Ilona Adamiec


The tension built as the crowd eagerly  anticipated the arrival of Holy Grail to the stage.   The band arrived to the stage and eased into their personal brand of metal frenzy with  with “Ride the Void”s ‘Archeus’ before exploding into the epic “Bestia Triumphans”. At this point, I had lost control of my consciousness and ended up in a violent pit that caused me to lose sight within a few short moments due to a blow to the eye.

While slightly phased, I remained resilient enough to bounce back and jump back into the crowd of energized metalheads; banging their heads and smashing their bodies in the name of the untamed beast that is heavy metal.

This was truly a concert to be seen and heard with the naked eye and ear, but for those of you who missed it, our lovely photographer was there to catch the action at not one, but TWO shows for your benefit!


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Summoner to Rise Like a Phoenix Once Again



So in case you haven’t noticed, I really dig doom/stoner metal. Anyone that has read my interview with Elder knows I practically worship the ground they walk on. Just so our readers don’t think that I am that monogamous, I’ve decided to let you in on another of my crushes: Summoner. Also based out of Boston, Summoner has a bit more of a “classic rock” feel than typical doom bands. Once they started posting pics of their recording sessions on Facebook, I decided to quit being shy and just ask for an interview. Thankfully, they obliged, and this is the resulting conversation. Enjoy.

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Helloween – Straight Out of Hell


WRITTEN BY – Jason Sterner

Helloween is still kicking around after 29 years of power metal madness. I’m not a big power metal fan, and I generally overlook most releases in the subgenre except for a few choice bands. Helloween is one of those bands. Straight Out of Hell is their fourteenth studio ablum, which is pretty impressive. How does it stack up?

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Ancient VVisdom – Deathlike Review – Interview With Nathan Opposition


Written By: Saylor

Ancient VVisdom’s sophomore album improves upon their formula of rock and blues acoustic / electric death and despair in almost every way. From the first note of the opening track fittingly titled ‘The Beginning’ a feeling of sorrow and doom seep into your head and stays there until the very last note of ‘Here is the Grave’. The album cover adds to the theme and sound of the music depicting the grim reaper, scythe in hand ready to take your soul and at the same time holding the power of life in hand. The songs on Deathlike are all centered around life and death, written in a traditional ballad / ode style except for the track The Last Man On Earth that is a roots rock and blues style tune. The haunting vocals, acoustic instrumentation and percussion choices are quite unique and refreshing in today’s music climate.

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Dismember – Massive Killing Capacity



I’m just going to be blunt about this. The music scene has really sucked the past three weeks or so, and it has left me uninspired. I could write a seething review and get my jollies off issuing a 3.5 out of 11 to some shitty band, or I can break into the vault and pull out something priceless. Something timeless. Something to restore my faith in the metal scene again. So today, I am going to wade through the layers of cobwebs and dust and emerge with one of the best albums of the 1990s: Massive Killing Capacity Continue reading

Enslaved/Pallbearer/Royal Thunder/Ancient VVisdom – Live Show at Mr. Small’s Theatre in Millvale, PA



If my experience on February 1st is any indication, this is going to be a good year for live shows. I got my ticket while only having knowledge of the headlining band, Enslaved. Knowing full well that they put on a killer live show I knew without question that I would be attending this show as soon as I saw the announcement. Well, I got my killer Enslaved performance, and became a fan of not one, not two, but THREE other bands in the process.

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