Stop What You Are Doing and Listen to a New Song From Castle


WRITTEN BY – Keith Carbaugh

The real reason MetalFuzz was on a two year hiatus was because we ran out of good things to write about Castle, and had to wait for the next album to be released.

While that statement is completely untrue, I think I have made my love of the band ‘Castle’ quite well known since discovering them shortly after the release of Blacklands. Since then, I had managed to catch the band live twice and even interviewed Mat Davis (some vocals, guitar). Unfortunately, the footage of that interview was corrupted, and so nobody ever got to see it. You’ll have to trust me that Mat is just as cool as the music he creates.

Following the jump is the debut of their new song “Pyramid Lake” from the forthcoming album Under Siege.

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Are Metalheads Into Volbeat These Days?


WRITTEN BY – Keith Carbaugh

So, I remember back around 2009 or so when a friend was like, “Dude, these Volbeat guys are great, you gotta check this shit out”. Upon hearing them, I was neither impressed nor repulsed, but more or less dismissed them as a generic act. Enter the year 2014, and I stumble upon this song, done with King Diamond. Continue reading

A Letter From the Editor


WRITTEN BY – Keith Carbaugh

After massive depression, alcoholism, implosions, explosions, and most recently, my arrest, I’ve come to realize that I walked away from the only two things I’ve ever truly cared about; METAL AND MY GOD DAMN METAL WEBSITE. I will single-handedly resurrect this son of a bitch if I must, but if music is the only thing keeping me breathing, consider this website my life-support.

Stay tuned for reviews and news that people will actually give a shit about, because I will hold back NOTHING.

Holy Grail – Live at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD and The Champ in Lemoyne, PA


Photography by – Ilona Adamiec


The tension built as the crowd eagerly ¬†anticipated the arrival of Holy Grail to the stage. ¬† The band arrived to the stage and eased into their personal brand of metal frenzy with ¬†with “Ride the Void”s ‘Archeus’ before exploding into the epic “Bestia Triumphans”. At this point, I had lost control of my consciousness and ended up in a violent pit that caused me to lose sight within a few short moments due to a blow to the eye.

While slightly phased, I remained resilient enough to bounce back and jump back into the crowd of energized metalheads; banging their heads and smashing their bodies in the name of the untamed beast that is heavy metal.

This was truly a concert to be seen and heard with the naked eye and ear, but for those of you who missed it, our lovely photographer was there to catch the action at not one, but TWO shows for your benefit!


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Summoner to Rise Like a Phoenix Once Again



So in case you haven’t noticed, I really dig doom/stoner metal. Anyone that has read my interview with Elder knows I practically worship the ground they walk on. Just so our readers don’t think that I am that monogamous, I’ve decided to let you in on another of my crushes: Summoner. Also based out of Boston, Summoner has a bit more of a “classic rock” feel than typical doom bands. Once they started posting pics of their recording sessions on Facebook, I decided to quit being shy and just ask for an interview. Thankfully, they obliged, and this is the resulting conversation. Enjoy.

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